Beacon Medical Services


Maximum Reimbursement

Beacon is keenly aware of insurers’ actions, both intentional and inadvertent, that lead to delayed, denied and reduced payments. Because of this challenge, Beacon has developed a well-staffed and trained group of insurance specialists (each dedicated to a single large insurer or several smaller insurers) that follow disciplined protocols to deal with all payment issues. Using computer-based work flows and work queues, our specialists continually pursue claims until provider services are properly paid.

Beacon’s comprehensive billing services include:

  • Physician credentialing administration
  • Insurer contract negotiation assistance and administration
  • Fee schedule development
  • Insurance and demographic verification
  • Electronic billing and remittance processing
  • Secondary claims submission
  • Bi-lingual customer service
  • Third party payer and collection follow-up
  • Timely refunding of excess payments
  • Insurance underpayment and denial management; resubmissions and appeals
  • Patient complaint reviews
  • Analysis of client financial and provider productivity reports to identify opportunities for improvement.